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A one-signature divorce in Nevada is filed in the form of a Complaint for Divorce. On party acts as Plaintiff and the other party is known as the Defendant.

Basic court process for obtaining an uncontested divorce without the signature of the other party goes as follows:

  • The complaint for divorce is filed with the court and a Summons issued
  • Once the complaint is filed, the court requires that the Defendant  be served with the Complaint for Divorce as well as the Summons.
  • From the date of service, the Defendant has 21 calendar days to file an Answer and Counter Claim with the court.
  • If the Defendant does not respond at all, a Default is submitted with the court.
  • The court clerk will file the Default if all of the necessary steps have been taken to notify the Defendant of the divorce.
  • Once the Default is granted, the Decree of Divorce goes to the judge for consideration.
  • Once the judge signs the decree, and the clerk files it, your divorce becomes final.

If the Defendant files an Answer and Counterclaim, you now have a contested divorce. If this occurs, it becomes very important to retain a competent and experienced lawyer who practices Nevada family law in order to protect your rights.

Have you been unable to locate your spouse and want to file a divorce anyway?
If you cannot locate your spouse, you may still obtain a divorce through a default process whereby the Defendant (your spouse) is served by publication. This involves attempted service on your spouse by a process server, at your spouse’s last-known address, followed by publication of the Summons in a newspaper. Once Publication (which goes on for five weeks) and a 21 calendar day wait after the last date of publication has ended, we can proceed by Default.

If I can’t find my spouse and I file a one-signature divorce, does this mean my divorce is contested?

  • Though a defendant does not sign the divorce papers along with the Plaintiff, it does not  mean that the Nevada divorce is contested.
  • If a Defendant does nothing at all, meaning does not file an Answer and Counter Claim after the Nevada divorce is filed, the Nevada divorce is still considered to be uncontested.
  • A Nevada divorce becomes contested ONLY when the defendant files an Answer and Counter Claim

one-signature divorce


One-signature Divorce

$650 plus filing costs*

    • Las Vegas divorce attorney with 25+ years of experience
    • Always a flat fee when uncontested
    • Full Service Office including process service
    • Make two payments instead of all up front
    • Court Costs Separate**

Las Vegas Attorney
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*Court Costs (currently $326 for Joint Petition, and $364 for a Complaint for Divorce) and cost of process service and publication (when the other party won't sign or cannot be found) is additional: process service in the U.S. average cost is $150; publication average $125. Out of country service costs vary by country and are individual to each case.
**Should your divorce case be denied by the court, you will have the option to request a refund of the payment you made for our services as per our Terms. We will give a courtesy refund based on non-performance on our part, provided the client has provided everything the court has requested. Court filing fees, court costs, process server fees, publication fees, translator fees and any other provider fees are never refundable. See Privacy Policies/Terms for full details.  

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